Hire a Digital Illustrator

At PUNCHev Group, our Game Illustrators excel in a wide range of styles due to their diverse project experience. No matter the style, from casual to realism, they adeptly bring your game's vision to life, enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring each artwork is a custom masterpiece. Our team's versatility makes us more than just artists; we're your partners in creating a visually stunning gaming experience.

Hire a Digital Illustrator

Reasons to Choose a Professional Digital illustrator


In the digital world, where visuals speak louder than words, having a talented illustrator is not just an asset, it's a necessity. Imagine your project as a blank canvas; without the right illustrator, it remains just that - blank and uninviting. A good illustrator brings this canvas to life, transforming your ideas into visual narratives that captivate and resonate with your audience.

Consider the impact of a well-illustrated design: it's the first thing that catches the eye, the element that makes your audience stop and pay attention.

The Key Expertise of Our Illustrators

Trading card illustrations

Crafting unique trading cards is important, but integrating them into a cohesive deck is where we truly excel. Our artists skillfully balance individual card distinctiveness with overall deck harmony. This expertise ensures each card is visually striking and functionally aligned, creating decks that are not just collections of cards, but unified masterpieces of design and playability.

Background illustrations

Designing captivating background illustrations for games, movies, or apps is a key area of expertise for our artists. They specialize in creating rich, immersive environments, ranging from vibrant urban landscapes to mystical realms, setting the perfect stage for any story. Whether crafting a bustling city scene or a tranquil natural setting, they infuse each background with depth, mood, and atmosphere.

Character illustrations

Our strength in character illustrations is unmatched, especially when it comes to creating dynamic poses, intricately detailed designs, and eye-catching, shiny armors. Whether for games, apps, or movies, our artists are skilled in developing characters that are visually stunning and narratively rich. We excel in making figures that burst with life and movement, each character carefully detailed to enhance the shine of their armor and the impact of their presence.

mascot of PUNCHev Group - a fox illustrationshadow image used for mascot illustrations
Key Art

At PUNCHev Group, our team of talented illustrators possesses a remarkable strength in crafting captivating key art for games. We specialize in producing intricate promotional illustrations that vividly bring your game's unique story to life. Our artists excel in creating key art that seamlessly integrates into various marketing materials, including game covers, posters, banners, websites, social media, and ads, establishing itself as the central visual identity for your game.

NFT illustrations

Our artists are dedicated to crafting distinct and unique NFT card illustrations, with a keen focus on meticulous detail and stylistic flair. Each card is designed to stand out in the NFT marketplace, showcasing a blend of creativity and precision that makes every piece a collector's gem. Their commitment to diversity in design ensures that each card is not just a visual masterpiece, but also a unique digital asset, rich in both aesthetic appeal and individual character.

App illustrations

Our artists specialize in crafting app illustrations that are both engaging and simple, perfectly suited for sleek, modern applications. They skillfully weave detailed elements into clear, user-friendly designs, enhancing the user experience with visuals that are both attractive and easy to navigate. This fusion of style and functionality ensures our illustrations are ideal for apps seeking a contemporary, polished look while maintaining user accessibility.

Models of cooperation


Within our expansive network of over 500 specialized professionals in game and app interface design, 2D art and illustration, PUNCHev Group proudly stands as a leading professional hub, adept at fulfilling diverse team and project requirements.


Our efficient approach enables you to assign game or app design and complete UI/UX development tasks to us through a monthly retainer contract. We rapidly assemble a dedicated team for as long as you need, eliminating the need for extensive hiring and training. With our pool of skilled experts, we guarantee a swift start to your project, ensuring no delay in progress.



Our predetermined-cost contract structure, perfectly suited for fixed-budget projects, offers the convenience of outsourcing game or app design creation or comprehensive development tasks. Simply share your deadlines and objectives with us, and we'll manage all the necessary details.


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other Services


UI/UX Designers for Hire

At PUNCHev Group, we offer a tailored solution to enhance your game's or app's journey from concept to launch. Our handpicked UI/UX Designers are primed to integrate seamlessly into your project, addressing all creative needs with precision and ensuring your game or app stands out in a crowded marketplace. Trust us to build a team that resonates with your game's genre and narrative, guaranteeing a remarkable and timely completion.

2D Illustrators for Hire

At PUNCHev Group, our Game Illustrators excel in a wide range of styles due to their diverse project experience. No matter the style, from casual to realism, they adeptly bring your game's vision to life, enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring each artwork is a custom masterpiece. Our team's versatility makes us more than just artists; we're your partners in creating a visually stunning gaming experience.

Hire 2D Artists

In our work at PUNCHev Group, we are dedicated to maintaining our position as a top name in 2D game art, always aiming for artwork of the highest quality and detail that is second to none. Our team of elite artists brings exceptional graphics and diverse styles to every project. Utilizing the latest tools, we craft striking, intricately detailed artwork, ensuring your game visually exceeds all expectations.

2D Animators for hire

At PUNCHev Group, we are renowned for delivering top-tier 2D animation for games and apps. Our team of skilled animators, adept in tools like Adobe Animator, Spine, After Effects, and more, excels in animating static images, infusing life into every frame to enhance games and apps. Our focus on impactful, high-quality animations ensures your project captivates audiences with a stunning, immersive visual experience.

Unity Developers for Hire

PUNCHev Group offers expert Unity developers skilled in transforming ideas into acclaimed projects with global appeal. Specializing in advanced cross-platform capabilities and high-resolution graphics, our developers excel in creating optimized games in various genres. They possess deep expertise in Unity, C# language, and object-oriented programming. Choose our Unity3D developers for their experience and creativity, ensuring your project's success with cutting-edge technology.

Hire Unreal Engine Developers

PUNCHev Group's Unreal Engine experts are dedicated to transforming concepts into worldwide success stories. With expertise in Unreal Engine, C++, and C, they excel in creating visually stunning, optimized games for various platforms. Their skills ensure your project's success through innovative use of cutting-edge technology and advanced game development techniques.

Quick facts About Us


At PUNCHev Group, we stand as a premier UX-UI design services team, with a specialization in developing digital applications and captivating game experiences. Through our UI expertise, we ensure every game and app interaction is seamless. As dedicated UX professionals, our aim is to make these interactions both delightful and intuitive. Our precision in UX-UI design captivates users, transforming them from casual players to loyal customers, further driving revenue.

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Why should I hire you?

If you manage to find and hire a full-time senior designer, his salary will be $86k/year in addition to the costs of maintaining an employee. We are director-level designers and specialists with more than 150 projects behind us. We can provide you with top-tier quality at a reduced cost, without long-term commitments.

Statistics show that hiring a junior employee and then letting that employee go will cost about 20% of their annual salary. For a manager, it's about 30%, and for an executive, it's 100% or more.

We're more reliable than freelancers. With freelancers and employees, you risk not finding the right fit. With us, if you're not satisfied with the team working on your project, we can make changes. We aren't affected by sickness or paid leave like your in-house staff. We focus on what truly matters, ensuring results and always putting your business goals first.

Can small indie studios like mine afford your services?

Absolutely! We believe in fostering creativity and innovation, regardless of studio size or budget. At PUNCHev Group, we understand that every indie studio has unique financial constraints and objectives. That's why we're more than willing to work with you to find a solution that benefits both parties. If you share your budget with us, we'll meticulously craft an optimized plan that aligns with your financial capabilities while ensuring you receive top-notch UX-UI design. Our goal is to make quality design accessible to all and to support the growth of indie studios like yours.

What's the step-by-step approach you take with projects?

1. The Idea Safeguarding

At PUNCHev Group, we genuinely believe in the uniqueness and potential of every idea presented to us. Recognizing the brilliance of your concept, it's paramount for us to ensure its safety and confidentiality. That's why we prioritize signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. This NDA is a testament to our commitment: to protect your visionary idea, maintain its exclusivity, and foster an environment of trust between our teams. We understand the value of what you bring to the table, and we're dedicated to safeguarding it.

2. The Session

No matter what service you choose, we always start with a strategic session to discuss your business goals and incoming design challenges. This will help us align on the work ahead and give you an idea of what, when and how we will do it. Don't worry; this is free of charge.

3. The Plan

At PUNCHev Group, our approach is systematic and tailored to ensure optimal outcomes. Our initial step involves crafting a detailed pre-plan that breaks down tasks into manageable weekly sprints. By meticulously assigning each task to a team with the ideal skill set, we guarantee precision and efficiency. This thorough planning not only ensures the best results for your project but also allows us to provide a transparent and accurate budget estimate. You can trust in our methodical process to deliver value at every stage. You are still not obligated to work with us at this point.

4. The Paperwork

Once we craft a detailed pre-plan tailored to your project's unique requirements, it's time to solidify our collaboration. We proceed by formalizing a contract, ensuring both parties have clarity and mutual understanding. But our dedication doesn't stop there. We then handpick the ideal team from our pool of experts, specifically aligned to meet your vision and project needs. This approach ensures not only the best fit but also maximizes the potential for outstanding results.

5. Your team - your command.

At the heart of our collaboration lies a principle we hold dear: 'Your team - your command.' This means that throughout our partnership, you'll experience unparalleled transparency. We commit to daily communication updates, ensuring you're always in the loop. But beyond just keeping you informed, we place the reins of control firmly in your hands. Whether it's shifting priorities or requesting numerous refinements, we're here to adapt and follow your lead. After all, our goal is to execute your vision to perfection, and your guidance is invaluable to achieving that.

Can I request a full project cost evaluation?

Sure - just get in touch. We will make you a custom offer based on your business goals and
project scopе.

How much experience do you have?

At PUNCHev Group, we pride ourselves on maintaining a team of seasoned professionals. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver world-class quality, unmatched speed, and exceptional service. With a rich portfolio encompassing over 150 projects, including commissioned work for industry giants such as 2K Games, Sony, NETFLIX, Funcom, HASBRO, Scopely, and other renowned brands, our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence.

Do you offer a trial period?

We offer the flexibility of a trial period to showcase our expertise and dedication. Engage our talented team for a test phase—whether it's to revamp existing game interfaces or craft new, captivating designs. Our trial period allows you to witness firsthand the innovation, creativity, and precision we bring to each project. Contact us to arrange your trial with us today and level up your game's interface design!

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