Hyper-Casual Game Art Design

PUNCHev Group specializes in creating vibrant and attractive art for hyper-casual games. Tailoring our work to your unique vision, we ensure each game is not only visually striking but also perfectly suited for fast-paced, enjoyable gameplay. Our focus is on delivering art that complements the simplicity and addictiveness of hyper-casual games.

Whether your project is an AAA blockbuster, a small indie game, or an app, we are the go-to team for building a top-notch user experience and design.

Hyper-Casual Game Art Design

Our Hyper-Casual Game Art Solutions


With our expertise and artistic touch, we elevate ordinary concepts into unforgettable gaming journeys. Our extensive experience in hyper-casual game development guarantees we meet your needs, whether it's starting from scratch, collaborating, or creating game art.

Full Cycle Development

We craft hyper-casual games from the ground up, creating captivating features and seamless gameplay. Our team excels in transforming simple concepts into engaging gaming experiences in the hyper-casual world.

Art Design

Our Art Design service focuses on minimalist yet engaging visuals, perfect for hyper-casual games. We create art that's simple, captivating, and designed to keep players engaged from the first glance.

2d Assets Creation

Our Asset Creation service prioritizes optimized, lightweight assets for smooth gameplay. We ensure each asset combines aesthetic appeal with performance efficiency, enhancing the gaming experience.

Intuitive UI/UX Design

We specialize in intuitive UI/UX design, essential for hyper-casual games. Our designs are clean, straightforward, and focused on providing a seamless and engaging player experience.

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The ideal Team for Creating Your hyper-casual game Art


Project Manager

With profound UX-UI design expertise, our project manager excels as both a visionary strategist and a seasoned UX-UI specialist. His multifaceted role ensures precise planning and execution, incorporating an artistic perspective at all levels. Upholding the highest standards, the PM's profound knowledge fosters team collaboration and refines visual design development, leading to flawless deliverables.

Art Director

The UI Art Director, responsible for shaping the UX-UI vision, is both a strategic designer and a quality enhancer. He aligns with client needs and the game's unique aspects. Setting the groundwork for innovative interfaces, he oversees from sketches to final assets, ensuring client satisfaction. With extensive experience, the director expertly deciphers client requirements, delivering timely, premier designs aligned with modern digital trends.

UX Designer

Having a skilled UX designer is crucial. They ensure the product is intuitive and meets user expectations. Keeping updated on tech trends, they adapt designs to users' habits. Our designers focus on minimizing learning curves and crafting consistent design systems for the interface. This makes it user-friendly, streamlines implementation, and boosts user loyalty and usage.

2D Illustrators

When your game thrives on rich illustrations like cards and characters, a dedicated illustrator becomes vital. Our illustrators uniquely convert ideas into detailed visuals, capturing the game's heart. They make pivotal game moments shine, adding depth and vibrancy that deepens player immersion. Their artistry both complements concept artists and makes every scene stand out memorably.

2D Artists

A talented 2D artist is essential. They design unique UI elements blending seamlessly with the game's art style. Our artists ensure consistent, well-balanced iconography and visuals. Their work doesn't just beautify; it connects the interface to the game's essence, enhancing immersion and user engagement.

Technical Artists

Our technical artists optimize visuals for platform limits, ensuring smooth project performance. They address UI and UX bugs between art and programming, establish efficient production pipelines, and implement reverse engineering when necessary.  They're vital for translating designs from artists into the final game or app. Their skills are key for quality, visual excellence, and precise interface implementation.

Our Hyper-Casual Game art Portfolio

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fundamental benefits of our Hyper-Casual Game Art services


Always On Time

Our organized way of working and careful planning make sure we finish projects on time. We're committed to being punctual and successful.

Quality Matters Most

We never compromise on quality. Our portfolio shows how much we care about doing excellent work and always aiming to be the best

Transparent Communication

We talk to our clients every day, making sure we share everything openly. Good communication always leads to good results, and we aim for excellence.

Proven Expertise Over Time

Our extensive experience and dedication to our niche field have cultivated a team of designers who excel beyond regular UX-UI designer, showcasing our proven expertise.

Quick facts About Us


At PUNCHev Group, we stand as a premier UX-UI design services team, with a specialization in developing digital applications and captivating game experiences. Through our UI expertise, we ensure every game and app interaction is seamless. As dedicated UX professionals, our aim is to make these interactions both delightful and intuitive. Our precision in UX-UI design captivates users, transforming them from casual players to loyal customers, further driving revenue.

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Our technology expertise in Hyper-Casual Game Art Services


other Services


Art Direction services for games and apps

With PUNCHev Group's Game UI Art Direction service, we'll precisely capture the desired look and feel of your game's user interface. Our approach is tailored to your project, seamlessly weaving elements and ideas from your game's world and lore into the UI design. Expect a visually immersive and cohesive experience that resonates with your players on a profound level.

Style Guides for games and apps

With PUNCHev Group's Style Guide Services, we'll refine your vision, shaping not just ideas but an overarching concept for your UI. We will seamlessly integrate these concepts into a comprehensive design system, providing you with a holistic solution that encapsulates your project's essence, aesthetics, and functionality in one cohesive package.

Icon Design services for games and apps

With PUNCHev Group's Icon Design Services, we harness the power of universal language. Our carefully crafted icons transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, ensuring that they are understood by people from all backgrounds. These icons not only enhance aesthetics but also provide an intuitive and inclusive user experience, fostering engagement and clarity.

Logo Design services for games and apps

With PUNCHev Group's Logo Design Services, we craft iconic logos that encapsulate your game or app's identity. Our logos are more than just visuals; they become a symbol of your project's core. Each design is carefully thought out to resonate with your target audience, leaving a lasting impression and enhancing brand recognition.

UX/Ui Design Services

PUNCHev Group offers expert UX/UI design services, focusing on creating intuitive and engaging interfaces for games and digital applications. We tailor our UX/UI designs to enhance user experience, ensuring seamless interaction and aesthetic appeal. Our approach prioritizes user-centric designs that drive engagement and retention.

2D Art services for games and apps

At PUNCHev Group, our adept 2D artists are committed to designing unique, captivating, and tailor-made artwork that resonates with the essence of your project. With the latest 2D graphic technologies and an unerring flair for design, our team meticulously crafts a diverse range of characters, structures, props, items or illustrations, ensuring attention to every intricate detail.

casino and Slots Game Art

PUNCHev Group excels in crafting art for casino and slot games, focusing on creating visually stunning and immersive designs that enhance the allure and excitement of the casino gaming experience. Our expertise lies in bringing the vibrant world of slot gaming to life through captivating art.

Art for Engaging and Educational Kids' Games

PUNCHev Group specializes in designing art for children's games that are as educational as they are engaging. Our creations are tailored for various age groups, combining vibrant, playful visuals with features that support learning and development in kids’ games.

2D Animation services for games and apps

With PUNCHev Group's 2D Animation Services, we breathe life into your static images, whether they are icons, UI elements, logos, props or characters. Our skilled animators transform these visuals into captivating animations, adding dynamic and engaging elements to your project.

our Collaboration Models


At PUNCHev Group, we value adaptability in managing projects. To best suit your needs, we present three collaboration models for you to select from.

Ideal for limited or fixed budgets.
Single price, per-milestone billing.
Precise requirements and set deadlines.
Controlling scope changes via Change Requests.
Required services are defined precisely.
Ideal for dynamic, long-term projects.
Billing is based on monthly labor rates.
Adaptable scope and timeline in the agreement.
No specific program component deliverables.
Flexibility and budget transparency.
Ideal for large, evolving, long-term projects.
Expenses cover salaries + contractor fees.
A custom-built team as per your requirements.
The team reports directly to you.
Compensates for in-house expertise gaps.


Why is UX-UI so important for my game or app?

One of the biggest issues in the gaming and app industries is the frequent neglect of UX-UI design. Another common problem is that the development and design often fall on the shoulders of 2D artists or programmers who merely patch things together to make them work. Research indicates that a game's or app's interface directly influences monetization as well as player or user retention. If a game or app has non-intuitive menus, it could lose anywhere from 35% to 75% of its users. Such a loss can lead to a significant decrease in revenue.

Why should I hire you?

If you manage to find and hire a full-time senior designer, his salary will be $86k/year in addition to the costs of maintaining an employee. We are director-level designers and specialists with more than 150 projects behind us. We can provide you with top-tier quality at a reduced cost, without long-term commitments.

Statistics show that hiring a junior employee and then letting that employee go will cost about 20% of their annual salary. For a manager, it's about 30%, and for an executive, it's 100% or more.

We're more reliable than freelancers. With freelancers and employees, you risk not finding the right fit. With us, if you're not satisfied with the team working on your project, we can make changes. We aren't affected by sickness or paid leave like your in-house staff. We focus on what truly matters, ensuring results and always putting your business goals first.

Can small indie studios like mine afford your services?

Absolutely! We believe in fostering creativity and innovation, regardless of studio size or budget. At PUNCHev Group, we understand that every indie studio has unique financial constraints and objectives. That's why we're more than willing to work with you to find a solution that benefits both parties. If you share your budget with us, we'll meticulously craft an optimized plan that aligns with your financial capabilities while ensuring you receive top-notch UX-UI design. Our goal is to make quality design accessible to all and to support the growth of indie studios like yours.

Why do you operate on a monthly basis?

We choose to operate on a monthly basis because it aligns perfectly with our commitment to client satisfaction and high-quality results. This approach provides our clients with unmatched flexibility, allowing them to request unlimited changes as their vision evolves. Moreover, by focusing on a single project at a time, our UX-UI team can immerse itself fully in the project's intricacies and nuances. This dedication ensures that we're living and breathing your project, leading to more thorough, personalized, and high-quality outcomes.

To showcase our excellence, we provide a 2-week trial period. Following that, we proceed with a monthly contract.

Isn't a single expert enough? Why consider a team?

Certainly, a single UX-UI expert can bring value, but when you opt for our team approach, you're securing an unmatched level of service. To every designer or team of designers, we assign a dedicated project manager who remains available daily, ensuring all your requirements are met with precision and timeliness. Moreover, we bolster this setup with the inclusion of a lead designer or art director. In our model, this isn't just a managerial role. Our art directors act as quality enhancers, constantly striving to elevate the standard of work. They dive deep, offering overpaints, innovative design suggestions, and crafting detailed documents that provide comprehensive solutions tailored just for you. So, while one expert might suffice for some tasks, our cohesive team ensures you get the best of strategy, execution, and quality assurance.

How much experience do you have?

At PUNCHev Group, we pride ourselves on maintaining a team of seasoned professionals. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver world-class quality, unmatched speed, and exceptional service. With a rich portfolio encompassing over 150 projects, including commissioned work for industry giants such as 2K Games, Sony, NETFLIX, Funcom, HASBRO, Scopely, and other renowned brands, our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence.

What's the step-by-step approach you take with projects?

1. The Idea Safeguarding

At PUNCHev Group, we genuinely believe in the uniqueness and potential of every idea presented to us. Recognizing the brilliance of your concept, it's paramount for us to ensure its safety and confidentiality. That's why we prioritize signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you. This NDA is a testament to our commitment: to protect your visionary idea, maintain its exclusivity, and foster an environment of trust between our teams. We understand the value of what you bring to the table, and we're dedicated to safeguarding it.

2. The Session

No matter what service you choose, we always start with a strategic session to discuss your business goals and incoming design challenges. This will help us align on the work ahead and give you an idea of what, when and how we will do it. Don't worry; this is free of charge.

3. The Plan

At PUNCHev Group, our approach is systematic and tailored to ensure optimal outcomes. Our initial step involves crafting a detailed pre-plan that breaks down tasks into manageable weekly sprints. By meticulously assigning each task to a team with the ideal skill set, we guarantee precision and efficiency. This thorough planning not only ensures the best results for your project but also allows us to provide a transparent and accurate budget estimate. You can trust in our methodical process to deliver value at every stage. You are still not obligated to work with us at this point.

4. The Paperwork

Once we craft a detailed pre-plan tailored to your project's unique requirements, it's time to solidify our collaboration. We proceed by formalizing a contract, ensuring both parties have clarity and mutual understanding. But our dedication doesn't stop there. We then handpick the ideal team from our pool of experts, specifically aligned to meet your vision and project needs. This approach ensures not only the best fit but also maximizes the potential for outstanding results.

5. Your team - your command.

At the heart of our collaboration lies a principle we hold dear: 'Your team - your command.' This means that throughout our partnership, you'll experience unparalleled transparency. We commit to daily communication updates, ensuring you're always in the loop. But beyond just keeping you informed, we place the reins of control firmly in your hands. Whether it's shifting priorities or requesting numerous refinements, we're here to adapt and follow your lead. After all, our goal is to execute your vision to perfection, and your guidance is invaluable to achieving that.

What can you do within one month?

We could do a lot in a month. In just one month, we can handle your entire branding for your game or app, or conduct a thorough UX-UI audit, or create a complete style guide for your UI, or craft a substantial set of icons and art. It all depends on your objectives.

When does my month start? How can I pause?

Once you sign the contract, we will collaborate on establishing a start date. We'll onboard you and strive to deliver the initial results promptly.We acknowledge that you may not require design work for an entire month; hence, we offer a pause feature. Simply request it.The billing cycle takes place every 20 business days.

Can I reserve a team for future use if I don't need one right now?

Of course, you can! To reserve a team for later, all you need to do is sign an engagement letter. This agreement ensures that the specific team you've requested will be reserved and ready to start at the time that suits you best.

Can I request a full project cost evaluation?

Sure - just get in touch. We will make you a custom offer based on your business goals and
project scopе.

Ready to elevate your project?

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