Metaverse & Web 3.0 Solutions

PUNCHev Team specializes in UI/UX Design for Metaverse projects. Our team is dedicated to creating seamless and visually stunning interfaces that enhance user engagement in the metaverse. We prioritize user-centric design, accessibility, and responsiveness to deliver a captivating and consistent user experience across devices. With our expertise, your Metaverse project will truly stand out.

Metaverse & Web 3.0 Solutions

Our Metaverse & Web 3.0 services


Step into a world of immersive experiences with our specialized UI/UX Design for Metaverse solutions. We're dedicated to shaping virtual environments that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly user-friendly. Explore our offerings to see how we can elevate your Metaverse projects and ensure an unforgettable user journey.

Metaverse UX/UI Design

Elevate your Metaverse project with our immersive and user-friendly UX/UI design. We create seamless virtual experiences that captivate and engage users, from world-building to interactive elements.

Web 3.0 UX Optimization

Enhance DApp usability with our Web 3.0 UX optimization. We ensure your decentralized applications offer a smooth and enjoyable user journey, combining innovation with user-friendliness.

Accessibility and Inclusivity Design

We prioritize inclusivity in your Metaverse or Web 3.0 project. Our Accessibility and Inclusivity Design services ensure that every user can effortlessly engage with your digital world. We follow industry standards to create intuitive interfaces for all abilities.

Metaverse VR User Interface Design

Dive into the Metaverse with our VR User Interface Design. We specialize in crafting user-friendly VR interfaces, making your virtual reality experience even more captivating and seamless.

Why UI/UX Design for the Metaverse & Web 3.0 Industry matters


In the rapidly expanding digital landscape of the Metaverse, UI/UX Design is more crucial than ever. It's the difference between a virtual world that captivates and engages users and one that leaves them feeling disconnected. Our world-class UI/UX Design for the Metaverse services ensure that your virtual experiences are not only visually stunning but also intuitively navigable. Crafting seamless interactions and immersive interfaces, we make sure that your Metaverse presence matters, leaving a lasting impact on users and fostering an unforgettable digital journey.

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Our Metaverse & Web 3.0 Services process



Our team engages in multiple rounds of discussions to thoroughly grasp the client's requirements. We ensure alignment on project goals and vision, laying a solid foundation for the journey ahead.


We take your initial concept and meticulously design solutions from the ground up. Our team goes beyond the basics, experimenting with various ideas and strategies to elevate and refine the initial features. This process ensures that your project evolves into a far superior version, aligning perfectly with your goals and vision.

Art and UI production

Where creativity meets precision, our experts transform concepts into visually stunning and user-friendly art and interfaces, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality align seamlessly with the project's vision.

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Our seasoned team transforms your ideas into reality. Through careful planning in a technical design document, we specify technologies and methods. This results in developing an optimized final product that perfectly matches your objectives and vision.

Feedback and Iteration

We collect feedback from users and stakeholders, enabling continuous refinement. We analyze this input, pinpoint areas for improvement, and iteratively enhance the solution. We aim to adapt to evolving needs and elevate the project's quality and user experience over time.


Testing is geared towards uncovering areas for enhancement. We carefully assess the solution through multiple cycles, diligently noting points of improvement. By following a comprehensive test plan, we ensure every aspect of the project is thoroughly examined, providing valuable insights for refinement and optimization.

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What Our Happy Clients Say:

Alain Tascan: General Manager | Epic Games

"We hired Sergey and his team on an important game using one of the biggest toy brands in the world. We were stuck in our UI and needed someone to give us new options to move forward in terms of art direction and layout. They were incredibly reactive and proactive to find solutions and designs to fit our request. Fast work, reliable deliveries, and high quality throughout the process. I was very impressed by PUNCHev, we will definitely work with Sergey and his team again."

Alain Tascan
general manager | Epic Games
Mark Parker: Senior Producer | IO Interactive ; Funcom

“It was a pleasure working with PUNCHev on our current project, they did an amazing job of designing our game’s GUI experience and delivered everything promptly and to a very high level of quality. The whole process ran very smoothly. Sergey is an excellent communicator (and a nice guy to boot!), everything was clearly planned and explained, which made planning and budgeting very straightforward. Will definitely hire them again when the need arises!”

Mark Parker
Senior producer | IO Interactive; Funcom
Duncan Brow: Senior Art Director | Activision Blizzard

"Sergey and his team of professionals have a thorough understanding of design. They can rapidly translate concepts and UX into intuitive and crisp GUI. Sergey’s prolific nature is an asset to any art team – his ability to manufacture high-quality GUI assets is phenomenal, the speed matches the quality – it’s quite something."

Duncan Brown
Senior Art Director | Activision Blizzard
Irena Pereira: CEO | Unleashed Games

"I had the pleasure of engaging PUNCHev while working on a project with them and I can only say incredible things about Sergey and his team. They were timely, professional, and OMG the documentation they provide. Their deliverables were informative, and so complete we could launch a production team. Sergey has also collected an incredibly talented team of producers, artists, and designers to solve whatever problems you may have. I can't recommend working with Punchev enough."

Irena Pereira
CEO | Unleashed games
Teagan Morrison: CEO | Sky Castle Studios

"While the project isn't live yet, PUNCHev thus far has successfully met the website and logo design requirements. The team communicated through video chats and pre-recorded discussions, delivering different versions and ensuring project direction. Moreover, they have broad talent. We picked PUNCHev because they have such a proven track record with graphic design and everything surrounding it. We loved their portfolio at first, but since they have done so much work with them we've really come to trust them. PUNCHev are fantastic communicators. Along with live video chats about the project, PUNCHev's preferred method is to send videos with voice over. We jumped on the bandwagon and started giving our feedback this way too. It made communication much clearer. The quality and speed of PUNCHev Group are second to none."

Teagan Morrison
CEO | Sky Castle Studios
Miroslav Petrov: Head of Art | MOGI GROUP

"Sergey was one of the best and most organized professionals whom I had the chance to work with. He and his talented team are able to produce both quality and quantity and they are well-grounded in a lot of different design styles. I have the impression that they are one of the most talented UI designers out there and it was a pleasure to work side-by-side with such creative artists."

Miroslav Petrov
Head of Art | MOGI GROUP
Martin Punchev: CEO | VertexBee Studios

"We had the pleasure of working with the PUNCHev team on three mobile game prototypes that required custom interface design and great user experience. We relied on their expertise for all of the projects starting from initial exploration to integrated UI as the final result. Their track record is one of the factors that made us feel confident in choosing them as our partner. We didn't have a lot of experience with UI at that time and we needed to rely on an experienced team that can lead the UI/UX aspects of the projects. Where other studios and freelance artists in the past failed, PUNCHev exceded our expectations in terms of art quality and making seamless UX that contributes to the final product."

martin Punchev
CEO | VertexBee Studios

What Our Happy Clients  Say:


fundamental benefits of our Metaverse & Web 3.0 solutions


Always On Time

Our organized way of working and careful planning make sure we finish projects on time. We're committed to being punctual and successful.

Quality Matters Most

We never compromise on quality. Our portfolio shows how much we care about doing excellent work and always aiming to be the best

Transparent Communication

We talk to our clients every day, making sure we share everything openly. Good communication always leads to good results, and we aim for excellence.

Proven Expertise Over Time

Our extensive experience and dedication to our niche field have cultivated a team of designers who excel beyond regular UX-UI designer, showcasing our proven expertise.

Quick facts About Us


At PUNCHev Group, we stand as a premier UX-UI design services team, with a specialization in developing digital applications and captivating game experiences. Through our UI expertise, we ensure every game and app interaction is seamless. As dedicated UX professionals, our aim is to make these interactions both delightful and intuitive. Our precision in UX-UI design captivates users, transforming them from casual players to loyal customers, further driving revenue.

Retention Rate
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On-Time Delivery
Track Record

Our technology expertise in Banking solutions


our Collaboration Models


At PUNCHev Group, we value adaptability in managing projects. To best suit your needs, we present three collaboration models for you to select from.

Ideal for limited or fixed budgets.
Single price, per-milestone billing.
Precise requirements and set deadlines.
Controlling scope changes via Change Requests.
Required services are defined precisely.
Ideal for dynamic, long-term projects.
Billing is based on monthly labor rates.
Adaptable scope and timeline in the agreement.
No specific program component deliverables.
Flexibility and budget transparency.
Ideal for large, evolving, long-term projects.
Expenses cover salaries + contractor fees.
A custom-built team as per your requirements.
The team reports directly to you.
Compensates for in-house expertise gaps.


Why should I hire you?

If you manage to find and hire a full-time senior designer, his salary will be $86k/year in addition to the costs of maintaining an employee. We are director-level designers and specialists with more than 150 projects behind us. We can provide you with top-tier quality at a reduced cost, without long-term commitments.

Statistics show that hiring a junior employee and then letting that employee go will cost about 20% of their annual salary. For a manager, it's about 30%, and for an executive, it's 100% or more.

We're more reliable than freelancers. With freelancers and employees, you risk not finding the right fit. With us, if you're not satisfied with the team working on your project, we can make changes. We aren't affected by sickness or paid leave like your in-house staff. We focus on what truly matters, ensuring results and always putting your business goals first.

Can small indie studios like mine afford your services?

Absolutely! We believe in fostering creativity and innovation, regardless of studio size or budget. At PUNCHev Group, we understand that every indie studio has unique financial constraints and objectives. That's why we're more than willing to work with you to find a solution that benefits both parties. If you share your budget with us, we'll meticulously craft an optimized plan that aligns with your financial capabilities while ensuring you receive top-notch UX-UI design. Our goal is to make quality design accessible to all and to support the growth of indie studios like yours.

How much experience do you have?

At PUNCHev Group, we pride ourselves on maintaining a team of seasoned professionals. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver world-class quality, unmatched speed, and exceptional service. With a rich portfolio encompassing over 150 projects, including commissioned work for industry giants such as 2K Games, Sony, NETFLIX, Funcom, HASBRO, Scopely, and other renowned brands, our track record speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence.

Can I request a full project cost evaluation?

Sure - just get in touch. We will make you a custom offer based on your business goals and
project scopе.

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