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Red Ball Super Run

This is a challenging endless runner where you play the famous Red Ball, a masked superhero who must save the world by running around a city teeming with enemies. If you're looking for a thrilling adventure where you can put a stop to the evil plans of epic bosses, this fun story will have you hooked for kilometer after kilometer of obstacle-packed roads.

About FDG Entertainment


With the release of smartphones like iPhone and Android devices, the company started to produce console-quality mobile games and quickly became a successful global player on the App Store and Google Play with far more than 500 Million downloads to date. FDG Entertainment teams up with the best indie developers around the world to deliver highly creative games.

Our Work


To enhance the game's mechanics, we carefully crafted the UX to ensure it was easy to play and understand, yet still challenging enough to keep players engaged.

Our team of designers created intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that enabled players to navigate through the game with ease. We also focused on creating a consistent visual language throughout the game, making sure that all the elements and icons were cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.