Turbo Golf Racing

Turbo Golf Racing

Experience the future of motorsports in an exhilarating arcade-style racing game that redefines competition. In collaboration with HugeCalf Studios, PUNCHev Group have crafted the UI/UX solutions and animation for this sensational game, ensuring a thrilling racing experience as you challenge competitors and climb international leaderboards. Turbo Golf Racing is here to redefine motorsports gaming!

Key features
  1. 8 Players Online: Compete against up to seven other players in Grand-Prix-style competitions. Utilize boost pads, secret tunnels, and missiles to gain the edge and secure victory.
  2. Time-Trial Mode: Keep track of your fastest times across all maps in both time-trial and multiplayer modes. Compare your achievements with friends and the global gaming community via course leaderboards.
  3. Power Cores: Gain an advantage over your rivals by unlocking and equipping Power Cores. Enhance your ball's distance, and speed, and access unique abilities like Ground Stomp and Gravitate Ball and Roll. With a wide variety of Power Cores, fine-tune your setup to outwit your friends.
  4. Seamless UI/UX: Enjoy a user-friendly interface that ensures a smooth gaming experience, from course selection to Power Core customization.
  5. Varied Courses: Race on diverse and challenging courses, each with its own set of obstacles and shortcuts.
  6. Strategic Gameplay: Develop winning strategies as you navigate the dynamic terrain and use Power Cores strategically to gain an upper hand.
  7. Multiplatform: Play on multiple platforms to compete with friends, regardless of their gaming setup.
  8. Regular Updates: Stay engaged with consistent game updates, including new courses, Power Cores, and features to keep the competition fresh and exciting.

About Hugecalf Studios

Hugecalf Studios is an indie game studio founded by 3 friends.  HugeCalf Studios are the developers of the quirky physics puzzle game "When Ski Lifts Go Wrong" and the exciting "Turbo Golf Racing".

Turbo Golf Racing - 1
Turbo Golf Racing - 2
Turbo Golf Racing - 3
Turbo Golf Racing - 4
Turbo Golf Racing - 5
Turbo Golf Racing - 6
Turbo Golf Racing - 7
Turbo Golf Racing - 8
Turbo Golf Racing - 9
Turbo Golf Racing - 10
Turbo Golf Racing - 11
Turbo Golf Racing - 12
Turbo Golf Racing - 13
Turbo Golf Racing - 14
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