Tres Media Group

Tres Media Group

Tres Media Group is a versatile interactive development agency, offering a holistic solution for a variety of digital needs, including iOS app development, tablet applications, trade show presentations, 3D medical simulations, and educational portals. PUNCHev Group had the privilege of crafting Tres Media Group's corporate logo, adding a distinctive visual identity to their extensive range of services.

Key features
  • Comprehensive Interactive Solutions: Tres Media Group offers end-to-end interactive development services, catering to diverse needs in various domains.
  • Expertise in 3D: The team specializes in 3D animations, product simulations, and medical animations, providing dynamic visual solutions.
  • Top-tier Animation: Recognized as one of the leading animation and production companies in the tri-state area (NYC), Tres Media Group excels in creating mechanism of action animations and video game development.
  • Educational and Medical Focus: Their services extend to e-learning presentations, medical website development, and 3D medical simulations.

About Tres Media Group

Tres Media Group excels in producing 3D animations, digital product art, product simulations, game development and design, 3D model creation, medical website development, custom programming, mobile app development, and 3D medical animation. They are renowned for their proficiency in creating mechanism of action animations, video game development, e-learning presentations, device/product simulations, website development, and video game development.

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