Slayer of Souls

Slayer of Souls

In this browser game, you're a sinister scientist from the 28th century who travels back in time to wield science for power. Stranded on an alien planet, the game's dark and intense logo reflects the experience. PUNCHev Group’s expertise in illustration and graphic design brings the game's theme to life with a captivating logo design.

Key features
  1. Time-Traveling Intrigue: Explore the intriguing concept of time travel as you venture from the 28th century to an alien planet, unleashing your sinister ambitions.
  2. Dark and Intense Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning and intense gaming world, where every element reflects the game's ominous theme.
  3. Strategic Gameplay: Engage in strategic decision-making and use your scientific knowledge to gain power, facing challenging obstacles along the way.
  4. Visually Captivating: Enjoy the breathtaking illustrations and graphic design that bring the demonic essence of the game to life, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Slayer of Souls - 1
Slayer of Souls - 2
Slayer of Souls - 3
Slayer of Souls - 4
Slayer of Souls - 5
Slayer of Souls - 6
Slayer of Souls - 7
Slayer of Souls - 8
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