Sky Drone Racer

Sky Drone Racer

Sky Drone Racer a cutting-edge hobby drone racing game developed by Mission Critical Studios. The custom logo design created by PUNCHev Group is a testament to precision and creativity, and perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this groundbreaking eSports product, setting the stage for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Key features
  1. Custom Game Logo: PUNCHev Group's logo design for "Sky Drone Racer" is a meticulously crafted design that captures the essence of the game and its realistic hobby drone racing experience.
  2. Realistic Racing: Sky Drone Racer offers players the most authentic hobby drone racing experience available, with a range of skill levels and championship events.
  3. Single and Multi-Player Modes: Compete solo or with friends in thrilling single-player or multiplayer modes, accommodating up to four players on split-screen.
  4. Freestyle Mode: Get acquainted with the racing environments by exploring unlocked levels in the game's Freestyle mode.
  5. Skill Progression: "Sky Drone Racer" features a skill-level progression system, allowing players to evolve from novice drone pilots to World Championship contenders.
  6. Customization: Players can personalize their drones through an in-game store, offering limitless customization options. Exciting downloadable content (DLC) will introduce new drones, configurations, maps, and upgrades, ensuring ongoing excitement and diversity.

About Mission Critical Studios

Mission Critical Studios is a renowned game and interactive development company with a history dating back to 2008 and boasting over 40 years of combined industry experience. Specializing in various aspects of game development, including online games, mobile applications, educational video games, and more, Mission Critical Studios is dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative interactive experiences.

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