Sirlin Games

Sirlin Games

PUNCHev Group’s work on CODEX's board game illustrations stands out as it combines elements from role-playing, strategy, and card-collecting genres. The dynamic yet functional art pieces that seamlessly integrated with the game's UI drew inspiration from its fantasy theme.

Key features
  1. Exquisite Board Game Illustrations: Immerse yourself in the world of CODEX with meticulously crafted illustrations by PUNCHev Group that breathe life into the board game, enriching the gaming experience.
  2. Dynamic Iconography: Immerse yourself in the world of CODEX with a visually stunning collection of icons created by PUNCHev Group that seamlessly blend role-playing, strategy, and card-collecting element
  3. Fantasy-Themed Artwork: The illustrations are deeply rooted in the game's fantasy theme, capturing the essence of the CODEX universe and its captivating characters.
  4. Strategic Card-Time Gameplay: Engage in a customizable card game set in the Fantasy Strike universe, inspired by real-time strategy classics like Starcraft and Warcraft 3, with the added visual allure of stunning illustrations.
  5. Diverse Heroes and Tech Tree: Command three distinct heroes and explore a versatile tech tree, allowing you to adapt and strategize while enjoying the captivating visuals of the board game.

About Sirlin Games

Sirlin Games, an independent publisher, boasts a lineup of games characterized by vibrant characters with distinct playstyles. Founded by game designer David Sirlin, the company is renowned for delivering meticulously balanced asymmetric games with a strong emphasis on solid mechanics.

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