Project Yggdrasil

Project Yggdrasil

Project Yggdrasil, a collaborative effort between PUNCHev Group, Miroslav Petrov, Martin Punchev, and Sabin Boikinov, aimed to create an original intellectual property for presentation at IFCC 2016, a prominent European art festival. PUNCHev Group played a pivotal role, contributing its expertise in UX and UI design, designing a distinctive logo, and developing a captivating game icon.

Key features
  1. Immersive Storytelling: Project Yggdrasil unfolds a gripping narrative set in the aftermath of a catastrophic event, where players navigate the eerie corridors of a derelict spaceship, facing unexpected challenges and forming unique alliances.
  2. Character Transformation: The game delves into the character development of Erik Jager, a bio-engineer, as he grapples with unimaginable challenges and undergoes a profound transformation in his quest to save the young boy, Tore.
  3. Diverse Gameplay: Players encounter a variety of experiences, from suspense-filled survival scenarios to confronting genetically modified creatures, offering a multifaceted and engaging gaming experience.
  4. Aesthetic Excellence: PUNCHev Group's contribution extends to designing an intricate UX and UI, a distinctive logo, and an eye-catching game icon, enhancing the project's visual appeal and user experience.

Project Yggdrasil - 1
Project Yggdrasil - 2
Project Yggdrasil - 3
Project Yggdrasil - 4
Project Yggdrasil - 5
Project Yggdrasil - 6
Project Yggdrasil - 7
Project Yggdrasil - 8
Project Yggdrasil - 9
Project Yggdrasil - 10
Project Yggdrasil - 11
Project Yggdrasil - 12
Project Yggdrasil - 13
Project Yggdrasil - 14
Project Yggdrasil - 15
Project Yggdrasil - 16
Project Yggdrasil - 17
Project Yggdrasil - 18
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