Prize Kingdoms

Prize Kingdoms

Prize Kingdoms is a revolutionary mobile game developed by INK GAMES™. The first and only mobile game with a built-in sweepstakes engine and a free-to-play social board game that tests your luck like no other! PUNCHev Group are excited to have collaborated with INK Games to design captivating UI, illustrations, and icons that perfectly align with the game's goals. Join in on this unique gaming adventure, where entertainment and sweepstakes merge for an unforgettable experience.

Key features
  1. Integrated Sweepstakes Engine: Prize Kingdoms stands out as the first mobile game to incorporate a built-in sweepstakes engine, offering players the chance to win real prizes while enjoying the game.
  2. Free-to-Play Social Board Game: Dive into a captivating social board game experience that combines strategy and luck, challenging players in a refreshing and entertaining way.
  3. Immersive UI Design: PUNCHev Group’s collaboration with INK GAMES™ has resulted in an immersive user interface, featuring captivating visuals, illustrations, and icons that seamlessly complement the game's objectives.
  4. Exciting Tournaments: Compete in real-time tournaments against other players for the opportunity to earn substantial rewards and showcase your skills.
  5. Expansive Kingdoms: Explore a variety of new boards and kingdoms as you expand your empire within the game, adding depth and excitement to your gaming journey.
  6. Real-World Prizes: Take a shot at winning an array of incredible real prizes, including video game consoles, computers, phones, household appliances, and even cash.

About Ink Games

Based in Austin, Texas and founded in 2018, INK GAMES is a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, gamers, marketers, crypto-enthusiasts, and investors.

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