PowerZ is an engaging educational video game designed for children aged 6 and older. This captivating virtual world is inhabited by a diverse cast of colorful characters, offering a captivating educational adventure. It covers a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, vocabulary, botany, astronomy, and more. PUNCHev Group’s user-friendly interface encourages exploration and personal growth, making learning an exciting adventure through the use of vibrant colors, playful shapes, intuitive layouts, and custom iconography.

Key features
  1. Multi-Academic Fields: PowerZ.tech offers a diverse array of academic subjects, including mathematics, vocabulary, botany, astronomy, and more, all within a single engaging platform.
  2. Educational Entertainment: Learning becomes an exciting adventure as children embark on thrilling quests and missions while gaining knowledge.
  3. Child-Friendly Interface: PUNCHev Group’s user interface is designed with vibrant colors, intuitive navigation, and friendly icons, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for young minds.
  4. Ages 6 and Up: Tailored for children aged 6 and older, PowerZ.tech provides age-appropriate content and challenges.
  5. Responsible Screen Time: PowerZ encourages learning while ensuring a balanced approach to technology.
  6. Global Reach: With a presence in two countries, France and the U.S., PowerZ offers educational enrichment to a diverse international audience.
  7. Impressive Growth: Achieving 40,000 players in just one year, PowerZ.tech's rapid expansion demonstrates its appeal and effectiveness.
  8. Available Across Platforms: PowerZ the game is accessible on three platforms, allowing children to learn and play on their preferred devices.

About PowerZ

PowerZ was born in July 2020 when Emmanuel Freund, facing a lockdown with his kids, sought responsible screen time. He envisioned a unique video game that seamlessly switched between academic fields. This idea became PowerZ – an educational game that makes learning enjoyable. Join us on this exciting journey!

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PowerZ - 2
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PowerZ - 6
PowerZ - 7
PowerZ - 8
PowerZ - 9
PowerZ - 10
PowerZ - 11
PowerZ - 12
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