Emphasizing immersion, creativity, and enjoyment, Othergate's priority lies in crafting top-notch, content-packed multiplayer VR experiences, built to spark joy and create memorable experiences for our players. PUNCHev Group's role was to create a sleek, modern design for the company's logo and branding, capturing the spirit of adventure and discovery.

Key features
  1. Immersive Logo Design: PUNCHev Group's logo design captures the essence of adventure and discovery, reflecting Othergate's commitment to crafting immersive VR experiences.
  2. Versatile Branding: With options for vertical, square, and horizontal display, the logo adapts seamlessly to various platforms, maintaining brand consistency across social media, websites, and apparel.
  3. Minimalist Aesthetics: Embracing a clean and simplified design, the logo exudes modernity and sophistication, while remaining versatile for different applications.
  4. VR-Centric Identity: Rooted in the immersive world of VR entertainment, the logo embodies Othergate's pioneering spirit in exploring the potential of virtual reality.

About Othergate

Othergate was founded in 2021 to explore the potential of immersive VR entertainment.The company's first VR game is Dungeons of Eternity, a cooperative action RPG where players will explore, fight, and loot through an endless world of dungeons using physics-based weapons and magic.

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