Odobo was a pioneering casino games UI platform with a strong focus on mobile gaming. The platform's design, characterized by its visual appeal, was crafted by PUNCHev Group. The company specialized in providing a software platform that allowed game developers to create HTML5 games optimized for various playing devices. These games, once developed and tested, were made available for casinos to select and feature in their gaming collections.

Key features
  1. Mobile-Centric Design: Odobo's platform was designed with a strong emphasis on mobile gaming. It offered a responsive and mobile-optimized interface, allowing players to enjoy casino games seamlessly on a variety of mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  2. Game Selection Variety: Odobo's platform provided a diverse selection of HTML5 games, accommodating different player preferences. Casinos could choose from a range of games to include in their offerings, offering players a wide array of options and entertainment.

About Odobo

Odobo, a prominent online casino slots developer that ceased operations in June 2016, continues to leave a legacy with many of its games still accessible across various online casinos. Explore the top Odobo casinos and enjoy their games with exciting bonuses.

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