Nova Craft

Nova Craft

PUNCHev Group undertook the creation of the Nova Craft logo and iconography as part of our collaboration with Gamepax, a prominent mobile game development platform. PUNCHev’s mission was to craft a visual identity that encapsulates the essence of Nova Craft, setting the stage for an immersive gaming experience.

Key features
  1. Striking Logo Design: PUNCHev Group's artistic prowess shines through in the creation of a captivating and memorable logo that defines Nova Craft's identity.
  2. Iconographic Excellence: We've meticulously crafted a set of icons that complement Nova Craft's gameplay, enhancing the overall user experience.

About Gamepax

Gamepax stands as a mobile game development platform dedicated to fostering the creation of captivating and innovative games. With a focus on mobile gaming experiences, Gamepax provides a platform for game developers to bring their visions to life, reaching a global audience of players hungry for new adventures.

Nova Craft - 1
Nova Craft - 2
Nova Craft - 3
Nova Craft - 4
Nova Craft - 5
Nova Craft - 6
Nova Craft - 7
Nova Craft - 8
Nova Craft - 9
Nova Craft - 10
Nova Craft - 11
Nova Craft - 12
Nova Craft - 13
Nova Craft - 14
Nova Craft - 15
Nova Craft - 16
Nova Craft - 17
Nova Craft - 18
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