Nine66 is a platform that serves as a comprehensive hub where users could effortlessly find and explore key resources, all conveniently located in one place, unlocking endless possibilities to collaborate, learn, and grow within the developer community.

Explore the evolution of Nine66, from its inception as a comprehensive hub for game developers to its transformation into a sleek and intuitive web presence via PUNCHev Group's fusion of regional gaming culture with cutting-edge design principles.

Key features
  1. Comprehensive Resource Hub: Nine66 provides a centralized online web platform where users can easily access a wide range of resources essential for game developers, including tools, tutorials, forums, and networking opportunities. This comprehensive hub streamlines the process of finding and exploring key resources, fostering collaboration, learning, and growth within the developer community.
  2. Sleek and Intuitive UI Design: With PUNCHev Group's expertise in UI design, Nine66 offers a sleek and intuitive web presence. The user-friendly interface enhances usability and navigation, ensuring a seamless experience for developers as they explore and engage with the platform's offerings.
  3. Integrated Ecosystem: Nine66 is committed to creating an integrated ecosystem for game developers in the MENA region and beyond. By fostering collaboration and innovation, Nine66 empowers developers to thrive, driving the growth and advancement of the game industry in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

About Nine66

Nine66 is creating an integrated ecosystem for game developers in the MENA region and beyond to thrive. As one of Savvy Group's companies, they are a leader in Saudi Arabia's game industry development.

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