LiK are a highly skilled team of artists committed to turning creative concepts into tangible design solutions. With a global presence and a belief in matching the right talent to each project, they've earned accolades within the CG community. Their mission is to bring these successes to clients through innovative and effective design. For their remarkable steampunk project, PUNCHev Group were responsible for the comprehensive art direction of the UI, UX, and iconography, creating a visually stunning and immersive mobile experience in the steampunk genre.

Key features
  1. Immersive Steampunk Aesthetic: LiK's expertise shines through in their creation of an immersive Steampunk world, characterized by intricate and visually stunning design elements. Players are transported into a richly detailed environment inspired by the Steampunk genre.
  2. Custom Steampunk UI Design: The game features a tailor-made user interface (UI) with a Steampunk flair. PUNCHev's designers have meticulously crafted every UI element, from buttons to menus, ensuring a seamless and captivating user experience that seamlessly integrates with the game's theme.
  3. Intuitive User Experience (UX): PUNCHev Group has prioritized user-centric design, resulting in an intuitive UX that guides players effortlessly through the game. The interface is thoughtfully designed to enhance gameplay, making it accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience.
  4. Iconography with Steampunk Charm: Iconography in the game is carefully designed to align with the Steampunk aesthetic. These icons not only serve as intuitive visual cues for players but also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game, reinforcing its Steampunk identity.

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