Legions of Avalon

Legions of Avalon

Legions of Avalon is a Medieval Warfare game set in a mythical place known as the Isle of Avalon, where brave heroes embark on epic adventures. The game draws inspiration from the medieval era, and to complement its setting, an exclusively themed icon set was created by PUNCHev Group. These icons are not only visually striking but also highly functional. They play a crucial role in helping players develop invincible knights as they undertake quests and challenges on the Isle of Avalon.

Key features
  1. Medieval Warfare: Immerse yourself in the epic battles and strategies of medieval warfare as you navigate the challenges of the Isle of Avalon.
  2. Mythical Setting: Explore the mythical and enchanting Isle of Avalon, where heroes rise and legends are made.
  3. Hand-Drawn Icons: Enjoy an icon set meticulously crafted with hand-drawn elements, enhancing the game's thematic experience.
  4. Epic Quests: Undertake quests and challenges that test your skills, bravery, and tactical prowess.

Legions of Avalon - 1
Legions of Avalon - 2
Legions of Avalon - 3
Legions of Avalon - 4
Legions of Avalon - 5
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