Khan Wars

Khan Wars

Khan Wars is a free-to-play, browser-based grand strategy game set in a dynamic Medieval world loosely based on historic central Asia and Europe. In Khan Wars, players engage in competition and strategy, where the goal is to handpick a medieval nation, defeat adversaries, and dominate the medieval world. PUNCHev Group’s key role was to develop the iconography of the game to seamlessly fit with the rest of the interface and game world elements.

Key features
  1. Medieval Grand Strategy: Immerse yourself in the dynamic medieval world of Khan Wars, a free-to-play, browser-based grand strategy game inspired by historic central Asia and Europe.
  2. Choose Your Nation: Select from 12 well-balanced medieval nations, each with unique bonuses affecting your economy, battle strength, or trading capabilities. Recruit nation-specific units and adapt your battle tactics to gain an advantage.
  3. City Development: Develop and fortify your medieval city with a variety of buildings and strategic structures. Tailor your path to success, whether through steady economic growth, ruthless raids, thoughtful trading, diplomacy, or guild team play.
  4. Diverse Units: Recruit up to 28 different units, including infantry, archers, cavalry, siege machines, and nation-specific special units. Upgrade your troops to enhance their attack and defense capabilities for smashing opponents or conquering Bandit hordes on the map.
  5. Advanced Battle Tactics: Explore thousands of different battle strategies and adapt to your opponents using Khan Wars' advanced battle system. Espionage adds depth to wartime strategies.
  6. Guild Warfare: Form or join guilds to conquer citadels, control map territories, and expand your influence. Utilize the guild chat for real-time communication, facilitating coordinated policies, strategies, and actions.

About XS Software

XS Software JSCo is a Bulgarian worldwide producer, developer, and publisher of cross-platform multiplayer online games. XS Software's headquarters are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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