Jumpido is an exciting series of educational games for Primary School Mathematics. It combines natural body exercises with engaging Math problems to make learning fun. For this Xbox Kinect educational game, PUNCHev Group delved into creating user-centric UX, UI, and iconography design.

Key features
  1. Interactive Learning: Jumpido offers an interactive learning experience by combining physical exercises with mathematics problems, making it engaging and fun for primary school students.
  2. Xbox Kinect Integration: Designed for the Xbox Kinect platform, Jumpido leverages motion-sensing technology to enhance the learning process, encouraging physical activity while solving math challenges.
  3. Educational Gamification: The game employs gamification principles to motivate students, with rewards and challenges that stimulate their mathematical skills and comprehension.
  4. Curriculum-Aligned: Jumpido's content aligns with primary school mathematics curricula, ensuring that the games are both educational and supportive of classroom learning.
  5. User-Centric Design: The user interface (UI), user experience (UX), and iconography are meticulously crafted to create an intuitive and child-friendly interface that encourages independent learning.
  6. Physical Activity: Encouraging physical activity, Jumpido promotes a healthy lifestyle while enhancing math skills, addressing the need for a balanced approach to education.
  7. Educator Support: Jumpido provides resources and tools for educators to track student progress, making it a valuable addition to the classroom.
  8. Engaging Math Challenges: With a variety of math challenges and exercises, Jumpido keeps students motivated to explore and excel in mathematics.

About Jumpido

Launched in May 2013, Jumpido is the brainchild of Kiril Rusev, Nikola Kosev, and Dilyan Rusev - founders of Nimero, a successful company in the educational sector.

Jumpido - 1
Jumpido - 2
Jumpido - 3
Jumpido - 4
Jumpido - 5
Jumpido - 6
Jumpido - 7
Jumpido - 8
Jumpido - 9
Jumpido - 10
Jumpido - 11
Jumpido - 12
Jumpido - 13
Jumpido - 14
Jumpido - 15
Jumpido - 16
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