GreenPark Sports

GreenPark Sports

With GreenPark, it's Gameday every day! Step into a world of stadium-style rooms resonating with your favorite music, where you can unite with your crew and fellow fans. GreenPark is the ultimate home for sports enthusiasts, endorsed by NBA, LALIGA, Major League Soccer, and LCS (League of Legends). Here, you never have to cheer alone again.

Key features
  1. Friends: Stay connected with fellow fans and never miss a moment. Engage with their latest profile updates, join them in-game, or invite them to your preferred matches.
  2. Official Gear: Experience the best avatar customizations with over 5,000 official virtual gear and player merchandise from exclusive league partners. Find unique and official gear that showcases your passion for your favorite teams.
  3. Picks: Predict game outcomes and earn rewards for your accurate calls. As your team makes key plays, you receive real-time coin rewards, enabling you to shop for exclusive gear and display your commitment to the world.
  4. Game & Match Rooms: Unlock rooms for every match, where you can experience the entire season alongside fans. Predict game results, chat live, and receive real-time game updates while sharing the highs and lows of every match.

About GreenPark Sports, Inc.

GreenPark Sports, a social sports gaming developer, has crafted a virtual sports environment catering to the passionate hearts of sports and eSports fans.

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