Feast of Argonauts

Feast of Argonauts

PUNCHev Group are proud to present an awesome illustrated logo project that had to not only encapsulate a game's identity but also tell a story. It was for a new game that takes place in a fictional world where ancient humans and technologically advanced aliens meet.

To represent this concept, the PUNCHev team put an accent on the reoccurring elements of the game - a scarab totem that symbolizes the strength and resilience of the human civilization, and a spaceship that represents the alien's advanced technology. The result is a logo that perfectly captures the essence of the game's story - a meeting of the ancient and the advanced, the timeless and the cutting-edge.

Key features
  1. Fascinating Fusion of Eras: Explore a fictional universe where the worlds of ancient humanity and futuristic extraterrestrial beings collide, creating a rich tapestry of cultures, technologies, and stories.
  2. Illustrated Logo: Feast your eyes on an awe-inspiring illustrated logo that serves as the game's visual centerpiece. This logo not only encapsulates the game's identity but also weaves a compelling narrative through its design.
  3. Symbolism in Design: The logo features two prominent elements - a scarab totem symbolizing the strength and resilience of human civilization and a spaceship representing the advanced technology of the alien race. These symbols harmoniously blend to convey the game's central theme.
  4. Storytelling Through Art: Experience a visual masterpiece that tells a story within itself. The logo serves as a visual introduction to the world of Feast of Argonauts, hinting at the intriguing narrative that awaits players.
  5. Meeting of Worlds: Immerse yourself in a world where the ancient meets the advanced, where timeless traditions encounter cutting-edge technologies. This dynamic contrast adds depth and complexity to the game's lore.
  6. Narrative Depth: Delve into a storyline that explores the interactions, conflicts, and collaborations between two radically different civilizations. Uncover the mysteries of their coexistence and the challenges they face.
  7. Strategic Gameplay: Engage in gameplay that combines elements of strategy, exploration, and diplomacy. Navigate the intricacies of these two distinct worlds to forge alliances or confront adversaries.
  8. Evolution of Society: Witness the evolution of societies as they adapt and grow in response to the collision of their worlds. Shape the destiny of these civilizations through your decisions and actions.

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