Esports Central

Esports Central

Esports Central is dedicated to providing quality news and information about esports tournaments, both in Africa and abroad. Comprising a team of passionate individuals, including ex-players, journalists, and esports enthusiasts from across Africa, Esports Central delivers engaging stories that matter to fans of competitive gaming. PUNCHev Group had the honor to design their brand logo in a clean and sophisticated style.

Key features
  1. Comprehensive Esports Coverage: Esports Central provides a one-stop platform for esports fans, delivering news, analysis, and insights on tournaments, fixtures, and player transfers.
  2. African and International Focus: With a special emphasis on competitive gaming in Africa and beyond, Esports Central offers a global perspective on esports.
  3. Passionate Contributors: The team's dedication to esports ensures in-depth and insightful coverage for fans and enthusiasts.
  4. Your Source for Esports: Esports Central is more than a news outlet; it's a tool for esports fans and tournament audiences to enjoy their favorite content in one place.

About Esports Central

Esports Central, established in South Africa in early 2018, is a dedicated source of esports news and information for fans worldwide. Their passionate team, including ex-players and journalists, covers a wide range of esports topics, engaging with teams, players, and talent to provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage.

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