Endemiron is an exciting browser-based RPG game that aims to deliver a rich gaming experience filled with social elements and captivating content. The project is currently in its prototype phase, focusing on game mechanics and world creation. Players can anticipate engaging in turn-based battles, a variety of character classes, and a flexible skill system that allows for extensive customization. PUNCHev Group is dedicated to bringing the Endemiron vision to life through UI iconography services.

Key features
  1. Diverse Character Classes: Endemiron offers a range of character classes, allowing players to shape their heroes according to their preferences. The game features a complex attribute system that players can manually choose or have the computer decide.
  2. Epic Multiplayer Battles: Multiplayer group raids against monsters are designed to be epic clashes with profound strategy elements. Players can also engage in 1-on-1 battles against other players or AI, adding variety to their hero development.
  3. Rich Lore and Storytelling: Borislav Grigorov has meticulously crafted the world of Endemiron, featuring three eras of history and a wealth of lore. The game promises a captivating narrative experience that unfolds across these vast historical periods.
  4. Team-Play and Multiplayer Focus: Special emphasis is placed on multiplayer experiences and cooperative gameplay. Teamwork will be essential for tackling challenges and achieving victory.

About the client

Borislav Grigorov is the visionary behind Endemiron, driving its creation with passion and dedication. Over the course of more than a year, he has meticulously developed the world's history, lore, and the game's original battle system. His commitment to this project is evident in the vast scale of storytelling and gameplay features.

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