Produced by CURVE DIGITAL, Autonauts is a playful and charming AAA world builder. PUNCHev Group was trusted with the development of the UX/UI design and the iconography. Through their dedicated style exploration services, PUNCHev designed a visually captivating and immersive interface that not only aligned with the game's theme but also facilitated a seamless gaming experience for players. To add a layer of depth to the game's visual language, the PUNCHev team developed a custom iconography set. The expertise extended beyond aesthetics as they also delved into the realm of user experience by thoughtfully creating UX wireframes that optimized usability and flow.

Key features
  1. Automation: Autonauts is all about automation. Players can program and teach cute robots to perform various tasks, from farming and chopping trees to crafting and building structures. This core feature allows for the creation of efficient and complex automation systems.
  2. Colonization: The game is set in a charming, open-world environment where players embark on a colonization journey. They can explore different islands, set up colonies, and transform the landscape according to their needs.
  3. Resource Management: Efficient resource management is crucial. Players need to gather, refine, and utilize resources effectively to sustain their colonies and expand their operations.
  4. Technology Progression: As you advance in the game, you'll unlock more advanced technologies, robots, and tools, allowing for even more complex automation processes.
  5. Creativity and Building: Autonauts encourages creativity by offering a range of building options. You can design and build your colonies and automation systems, giving you a sense of accomplishment as you watch your creations come to life.
  6. Immersive UX/UI Design: PUNCHev Group's expertise shines through in the development of an immersive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Every aspect of the interface, from button placement to font selection, has been meticulously crafted to ensure seamless navigation and an enjoyable player experience.
  7. Custom Iconography Set: In addition to UI/UX design, PUNCHev Group created a custom iconography set to enhance the game's visual language. These icons not only add depth to the game but also aid players in understanding and interacting with the game world.
  8. Thoughtful UX Wireframes: PUNCHev Group’s commitment to user experience extends to the creation of UX wireframes that optimize usability and flow. These wireframes ensure that players can effortlessly navigate the game, enhancing overall gameplay.

About Curve Games Limited

Curve Games Limited, formerly known as Curve Digital Limited and Curve Studios Limited, is an award-winning independent publisher based in London. They collaborate with top talents from around the world, focusing on 'Triple I' games.

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