Ascendants Rising

Ascendants Rising

Ascendants Rising is a co-op action RPG set in a dynamic multiverse that lets you create your own unique playstyle and team to explore an ever-changing Multiverse teeming with deadly enemies, formidable Boss fights, and amazing loot. PUNCHev Group were contacted by LIMITLESS GAMES to create a logo for the game. Their creative journey commenced with a comprehensive style exploration, marked by an abundance of logo sketches. PUNCHev’s mission? To discover the perfect fusion of high fantasy elements, futuristic typography, and an emblem that embodies the concept of ascendancy. In the end, a logo was fashioned that seamlessly blends typography and symbolism, striking a harmonious balance that's both impactful and effective.

Key features
  1. Quick Access to the Action: Jump into the action with ease. In just a few clicks from logging in, you could be battling enemies and collecting valuable loot from their defeated remains.
  2. No Grind: Your level doesn't limit your usefulness. Victory depends on your gaming skills, teamwork, and choice of build, rather than grinding for levels.
  3. A Build-a-Class System: Enjoy the freedom to create your unique playstyle. There are no class restrictions. A wide selection of spells, weapons, and perks allows you to shape your own approach to the game.
  4. Ever-Changing Levels: Prepare for unpredictable challenges. The Multiverse is unforgiving, with randomized environments, encounters, enemies, and even boss mechanics. Adaptation is key to success.
  5. Customization and Diversity: Ascendants Rising focuses on customization and diversity. Play as Incarnates, powerful characters from across space and time, with the ability to master numerous combinations of abilities. Artefacts, mighty weapons infused with gems, add depth to your character.
  6. Varied Game Modes: Enjoy three distinct game modes, including Coliseum, Dungeons, and Raids, each offering unique challenges and rewards.
  7. Themed Worlds: Immerse yourself in a rich narrative stretching across themed worlds, spanning Medieval Fantasy, Lovecraftian Horror, Sci-Fi, and Urban Fantasy. Explore these diverse settings with your friends, always encountering something new.
  8. Custom Logo Design: The game features a well-designed logo that represents the essence of Ascendants Rising, symbolizing the journey across the Multiverse and the power of customization.

About Limitless Games

The Limitless mission is set to break the barrier of hardware/platforms and allow players to enjoy games with infinite fun.

Ascendants Rising - 1
Ascendants Rising - 2
Ascendants Rising - 3
Ascendants Rising - 4
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