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Project Yggdrasil

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Studio Punchev & Artomat Studio

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One Personal project I did in collaboration with Miroslav Petrov, Martin Punchev & Sabin Boikinov.
The main purpose was to create our own IP to present it in one of the biggest art festivals in Europe: IFCC 2016 (http://ifcc-croatia.com/) Project Yggdrasil – game interface project.

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The Story
When the UNS Yggdrasil, an Arc-like spaceship carrying the remains of Earth’s life, gets bombarded with debris from its exploding home planet, bio-engineer 3rd Class Erik Jager finds himself the only apparent survivor of the catastrophe.
Trying to reestablish power, and to discover the fate of his fellow crewmen, Jager makes his way to Yggdrasil – the giant tree bio-engine that is the beating heart of the ship. At its roots, he discovers another survivor – Tore, a 10-year old boy, who doesn’t belong on the ship, but who seems to have a strange connection with Yggdrasil itself.
Now, the two unlikely companions have to travel the dark hallways of the derelict spaceship, desperately trying to find a way to bring it back to life. Only, soon they’ll discover they’re not alone: gene-modded creatures from the Earth are the least of their troubles, as a much darker force seems to have taken roost on Yggdrasil’s decks – an enemy that wears the faces of friends and crewmen, and whose weapons are its victims’ own sins and fears.
As Tore and Jager become separated, Jager realizes that subjecting himself to an experimental gene-mod procedure is his only chance at fighting back the nightmares and saving the boy in time; to descend into the darkness and to come back, he has to become something … inhuman.


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