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So you think you can slay all the monsters and win eternal glory, is that it? Bad news, hero. In the Spiral Shards, we can only send in one hero at a time to fight the Ceaseless Dirge. At some point, a flaming blue fireball, mech mortar rocket, or giant spike of doom is going to hit you in the face, and you’re going to die. That’s when the fun begins.

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Current Game UI 


Game UX Design

NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux4 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux7 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux6 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux5

NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux8 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux9

NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux3 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux2 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ux1

Game UI – Style Exploration

NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ui3 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ui2 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ui1




Final UI Design

NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ui5 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ui6 NextUpHero-gameinterface-gameui-gameux-ui4






You can check the game here: Next Up Hero

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