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Game Designer


👉Join our awesome team as a Game Designer and experience the cozy vibes of our office, as the position is in-house.  But wait, there's more! Our office is not just a workplace, it's an art hub where you'll be surrounded by talented visual art professionals. Get ready to exchange experiences and soak up the creative energy!

As part of PUNCHEV GROUP, you will have the chance to work in one of the most recognizable UX UI studios in gaming, working on exciting AAA titles. And hey, we don't just offer valuable work experience- your exceptional performance could also earn you fantastic rewards!

Here, work and play blend harmoniously. We have a massive game library for your gaming pleasure, regularly organize game nights, and watch movies and low-rated tv-shows together. And let's not forget about our beloved tradition: beer Fridays! It's the perfect way to unwind with a refreshing drink and chill with the people in the building.

And that's not all – our backyard oasis provides a cool outdoor space to enjoy the sunshine and connect with your team during these fun-filled gatherings.

👉 Let's get to the specifics of the Game Designer role we have.

As a Game Designer at our studio, you will be at the forefront of crafting captivating and innovative gaming experiences. Your role will encompass a dynamic blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and technical insight as you contribute to the conception and development of engaging game concepts. If you possess a deep appreciation for various game genres and a keen understanding of their mechanics, along with a penchant for originality and a knack for bringing ideas to life, you'll find an exciting and rewarding environment to nurture your professional growth. An important part of a game designer’s work is to analyze games, create strong presentations, pitch interesting ideas, and be proactive.


  • Conceptualization and Ideation:
    Collaborate to brainstorm game concepts resonating with target audiences. Use diverse game genre knowledge for innovative gameplay mechanics and narratives.
  • Game Mechanics Design:
    Craft balanced, engaging gameplay mechanics aligned with objectives, ensuring player satisfaction.
  • Level and Environment Design:
    Create immersive levels, shaping layouts, challenges, and interactive elements.
  • Narrative design:
    Integrate story, characters, and narrative seamlessly into gameplay for compelling player journeys.
  • Balancing and tuning:
    Utilize statistical analysis to adjust and fine-tune game elements.
  • Iterate statistics:
    Skillfully adjust game elements to achieve optimal balance. Ensure that gameplay is challenging, rewarding, and above all, enjoyable.
  • Creating the game's economy and monetization design:
    Design systems that govern currency, resources, and progression. Craft strategies that enhance player engagement while aligning with the game's business model.
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams:
    Work closely with team members from different departments to align all aspects of the game with the design vision.
  • Prototyping and iteration:
    Collaborate with developers to create early prototypes to test and iterate on ideas before full implementation. Gather feedback and incorporate improvements.
  • Playtesting and feedback incorporation:
    Continuously incorporate feedback from team members, stakeholders, and players to enhance the player experience and game design.
  • Post-launch support and updates:
    Keep the game fresh, engaging, and responsive to player feedback.
  • Creating great presentations:
    Translate visions into compelling presentations and comprehensive design documents.
  • Playing games:
    Explore titles across genres, platforms, and eras, drawing inspiration, and observing user experiences.
  • Analyzing games:
    Dissect gameplay mechanics, pacing, user experience, and overall design to extract valuable insights to enhance your own designs.

Required Skills

  • In-depth familiarity with established game models
  • Initiative and proactivity
  • Effective organizational abilities
  • User-centric thinking
  • Adaptability to trends
  • Good time management skills
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • English fluency
  • Analytical thinking
  • Collaborative team player

our proposition

  • Skill Set Development
  • Continuous growth
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Build an excellent skill set and portfolio.
  • Warm and genuine environment
  • Tight-knit team
  • Engagement in decision-making
  • Be a part of our art hub
  • Access to a library of games and devices
  • Stimulating gifts

In this industry, resilience is essential as we navigate its challenges. It calls for an insatiable thirst for learning and a profound passion that propels us forward. We're committed to making a significant impact and crafting remarkable user experiences that leave a lasting impression. If you're ready to embark on this journey with us, let's come together and exchange our visions.

Are these lines ringing a bell for you?
If so, here are the steps we will go through:

  1. Tell us more:
    Let's kick off this journey by asking you to complete our questionnaire. Just hit that ‘submit application’ button below! It's your chance to shine and present yourself in the best possible way. We can't wait to get to know you better.
  2. Skills trial:
    Get ready to showcase your skills! If you make it to the shortlist, we'll send you a test assignment. This is where you can demonstrate your problem-solving approach and unique work style. We're excited to see what you're capable of!
  3. Meet us:
    Picture this: an online meeting where we determine if we're a perfect match. It's our chance to chat, discuss your task, and give you the opportunity to dazzle us with your ideas and knowledge. Show us what you've got!
  4. Мeet the team:
    If the sparks fly and we hit it off, it's time to take things to the next level. Let's meet in person at our awesome office and talk business!
  5. Let’s play:
    Are you ready to join the team? It's time to wrap up the paperwork!

YOur benefits

Unleash your potential

You'll have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of epic projects. Our portfolio showcases the remarkable work created and presented by our talented team. Join us, develop, and unleash your creative potential, as we embark on exciting adventures together.

A Welcoming and Authentic Community:

Step into the warm and genuine environment of our cozy office, where our team is more than just colleagues, but a close-knit team. Join us in this friendly and transparent atmosphere where genuine collaboration flourishes.

Accelerate Your Learning Journey

Challenge yourself and embark on a journey of continuous growth with us. Together, we'll delve into the exciting world of creating the best user experience for users, ensuring an exciting learning curve that propels your skills to new heights.

Shared Success

We believe that everyone's contribution matters. Your contributions to building our success will be recognized and rewarded as at the end of each fiscal year, as we distribute a portion of the studio's profits among our team members.

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