The “There and back again” quest: How to conquer GDC

April 10, 2024
How to conquer GDC

Ah, the Game Developers Conference, or GDC as adventurers call it – a mythical land where groundbreaking technologies are unveiled, networking opportunities abound, and legends of the game development world gather. But for the first-time attendee, GDC can feel more like a perilous quest than a conference- a vast land with uncertainty, but hasn’t every great story begun like that?

Fear not, weary traveler, we have your back! Our seasoned game UX/UI champions from PUNCHev Group have completed this quest and are ready to equip you with the required skills to do the same. This guide will infuse you with the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer GDC and emerge victorious (or at least not utterly exhausted).

The sprawling landscape of GDC

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GDC 2024 - South Hall

The Game Developers Conference is a realm not of castles and dragons but of three colossal buildings, united under the banner of Moscone Center: the South Hall, the North Hall, and the West Hall. The South and North Halls stand connected, a testament to the interconnectedness of the game development community. The West Hall, though a short journey away, beckons with its promise of even more treasures to discover. Be prepared, adventurer, for GDC is vast, and exploration will be key to unearthing its secrets.

Prepare strategically or face the consequences

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GDC 2024- West Hall

Unlike a typical RPG quest, success at GDC hinges not just on raw power, but on cunning strategy. The greatest peril you'll face? The dreaded "meeting marathon" that takes place in so many different areas of the GDC territory (and outside of it as well). Many a valiant developer has been lost, wandering the halls for hours, having neglected to establish designated meeting spots with their companions.

Fret not, for there's a solution! Gather your party beforehand and establish strategic outposts – comfy cafes outside of Moscone, specific booths or meeting rooms, restaurants, hotel lobbies,  or landmarks – where you can regroup and plan your next move.

If you have decided to remain in the GDC halls without a predetermined meeting place for meetings, where you can reside the whole day, remember: allocate at least 30 minutes between scheduled encounters to account for travel time between the sprawling halls.

The fabled GDC venue: A haven for developers

The GDC venue itself resided within the hallowed halls of the Moscone Center for 2024, a sprawling complex in the heart of San Francisco. Descend to the lowest level of the North and South Halls, and you'll find yourself in a unified realm – a bustling marketplace of ideas, innovations, and, of course, legendary game developers. Here, you'll encounter booths showcasing the latest advancements in game development, from the powerful tools of Unity game development to the immersive worlds developed by masters of the art of Unreal Engine games.

Prepare provisions for the long road ahead

Remember, adventurers, even the mightiest heroes need sustenance. GDC is a marathon, not a sprint. Pack your bags with enough provisions to keep you fueled throughout the day. The Moscone Center offers a variety of food options, but lines can be long. Consider packing snacks or grabbing a hearty breakfast (AND plenty of water)before embarking on your quest.

Meet without sacrificing learning

The GDC schedule is packed with informative lectures and panels featuring industry veterans. These sessions offer invaluable insights and knowledge. However, fear not, social butterfly! You can still connect with fellow developers without sacrificing your learning experience. Most GDC talks are recorded and uploaded to the official website after the event. Bookmark these sessions and plan to watch them later at your own pace. This frees you up to focus on networking and building valuable relationships during the conference itself.

For navigation, look up

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While GDC offers a handy app, it can be overwhelmed during peak hours. Don't rely solely on this digital map. Instead, channel your inner explorer and utilize the tried-and-true methods of navigation. Look for the helpful staff members stationed throughout the halls – they'll be your guides on this epic quest. Additionally, keep an eye out for the large directional signs posted prominently throughout the buildings.  These signs, unlike a potentially glitchy app, will never lead you astray.

The great things you don't want to miss

GDC is a treasure trove of innovation and inspiration. Be sure to seek out the following:

Roundtable discussions

These intimate gatherings offer a chance to delve deeper into specific topics with industry leaders. Imagine a cozy tavern filled with seasoned game developers, eager to share their wisdom and insights. Roundtable discussions are a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best and have your burning questions answered.

The expo floor

This bustling marketplace is where the latest and greatest game development technologies are unveiled. Explore booths showcasing cutting-edge software that will equip professionals in Unity game development and Unreal Engine games, as well as innovative hardware pushing the boundaries of the gaming experience. Be prepared to be amazed by advancements in VR, AR, and other emerging technologies.

Have fun but be vigilant

The camaraderie and energy of GDC extend beyond the conference halls. Many legendary after-parties erupt as the day fades. While these gatherings offer fantastic opportunities to connect with fellow developers in a more relaxed setting, a word of caution is prudent.

Just as in any realm, there may be those with ill intentions. Keep a watchful eye on your belongings and drinks. However, fear not, for GDC is generally a safe and welcoming environment. With a touch of vigilance and good friends, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

A necessary exploration beyond the conference walls

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While the treasures of GDC are plentiful, just like in games, the good UX should be applied to the whole game, not only bits of it. San Francisco itself holds wonders waiting to be explored and experienced. Venture beyond the Moscone Center and discover the city's vibrant culture, delectable cuisine (the seafood is legendary!), and breathtaking natural beauty. Take some time to explore the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or unwind at Fisherman's Wharf.

Conquer GDC and emerge a victorious developer

By following these tips and venturing forth with a strategic plan, you'll be well on your way to conquering GDC. Remember, the most valuable treasures you'll find at GDC aren't physical objects, but the knowledge, connections, and inspiration you'll gain. Network with fellow developers, learn from the best and be prepared to be amazed by the ever-evolving world of game development.

Are you ready to craft your own game development legend?

GDC is an invaluable experience for any aspiring or established game developer. But the journey to creating legendary games continues beyond the conference. The conference is just the beginning and every beginning requires professional champions who can get the job done. Every game development party requires a UX/UI wizard.

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