PUNCHev's Gamescom 2023 Journey: Gaming Excellence Unveiled

March 7, 2024
PUNCHev's Gamescom 2023 Journey: Gaming Excellence Unveiled

Gamescom stands as a titan among European events. PUNCHev Group’s team embarked on an unforgettable adventure as first-time attendees in 2023.

The sheer scale of the event within the European gaming landscape left us awe-inspired. Spread across vast spaces, Gamescom is a testament to the industry's grandeur, innovation, and collaboration. It is a place for reconnecting with old or creating new business contacts, showcasing the games you’ve worked on, engaging first-hand with the gaming community, and much more. Yet, it wasn't just the size that impressed us; it was the meticulous attention to detail and the well-thought-out organization that transformed this from a mere convention into a harmonious celebration of gaming culture. Gamescom 2023 wasn't just an event; it was an immersive world of gaming wonder. Join us as we share our captivating experience - from navigating its immense scope to uncovering invaluable insights for any future goers.

Communication and Connection

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Credit: www.gamescom.global

In a digital age driven by communication, the power of technology was our ally. The convergence of Meet to Match and Gamescom's apps ushered in a new era of networking and connection-building. However, with these powerful tools comes the need for caution – tread carefully to avoid the confusion of overlapping communication channels. This strategic approach ensures that networking flows smoothly, without the hindrance of double conversations that could otherwise dampen the experience.

Sharing our LinkedIn profile links with people we wanted to meet through the Gamescom or Meet to Match apps, as small of a detail as it may seem, became a networking game-changer in the sea of attendees. Beyond its professional resonance, it held a practical advantage – offering a glimpse into the faces behind the names we sought to connect with. By connecting, you not only exchange virtual handshakes and have that person in your network, but you also have the ability to recognize and identify people you want to meet. This visual familiarity cuts through the crowd, enabling you to spot connections and industry rockstars amidst the bustling chaos. 

Mastering the Labyrinth

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Serge /CEO/

Within the venue’s sprawling expanse, honing your ability to navigate its intricate layout is crucial. Each hall entrance has a map that you can take a photo of to keep handy and organize your meetings more easily. Finding peaceful pockets amid the event's dynamic atmosphere is key to connecting with other industry professionals. Aim to keep your meetings consolidated in one area. Selecting a preferred meeting spot goes beyond personal preference; it's a necessity for fostering meaningful discussions amidst the bustling surroundings - one that will ensure your experience is not only rewarding but also enriching and well-organized.

Business and Networking Prospects

As we delved deeper into the heart of Gamescom, we discovered a treasure trove of business prospects and networking opportunities that proved to be eye-opening for us. Studios, talents, and industry enthusiasts created an environment ripe for collaboration and talent acquisition. We found ourselves amidst a bustling hub of ideas and possibilities, where business relationships flourished, and a rich tapestry of contacts emerged. This chapter in our journey marked a significant milestone, expanding our network and opening doors to a world of potential collaborations.

Events and post-parties are the beating heart of face-to-face networking at Gamescom. Be proactive in securing spots at these vibrant gatherings. Amidst shared enthusiasm, connections flow effortlessly. 

Indie Gems and Rediscovering Joy

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Elitza /Executive Producer/

While Gamescom is an arena with various established names, it was the indie section that truly captured our hearts. The creativity that emanated from small teams was nothing short of incredible. Each booth housed a world of innovation, where unique concepts and mesmerizing artistry wove together to create experiences that transcend boundaries. It was a reminder that innovation knows no limits and that even within the vast gaming landscape, the power of creativity could shine brightly.

Having the opportunity to meet the teams behind the games, play new titles, and speak with the developers while being surrounded by fellow attendees and cosplayers with a shared enthusiasm made for an exciting and memorable experience that reignited our inner child. Gaming is ultimately about having fun – a sentiment that resonates deeply and leaves an imprint on our hearts.

Consumer Delight and City Charm

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The consumer area of Gamescom held a special allure for every game and pop culture enthusiast. From intricately designed keychains to larger-than-life simulators, this realm was a treasure trove of gaming artifacts that celebrated the diverse facets of the industry. Beyond business and networking, gaming is a shared passion that connects people, regardless if they are gamers,  game industry professionals, or both.

Venturing beyond the borders of the venue, we were embraced by the charms of Cologne. A city that was not just a backdrop, but a vibrant entity in its own right. Its organized urban layout, breathtaking old part of the city, massive cathedrals, tranquil river, and punctual public transportation offered an easy and scenic way to get around amidst the gaming frenzy. Enjoy a tasty bite by the river to remind yourself that the city is as much a part of the experience as the event itself.


As our voyage through Gamescom 2023 drew to a close, we found ourselves reflecting on a journey that encapsulated innovation and collaboration. Gamescom was more than the sum of its parts. It was a journey that transcended the realms of spectacle and ventured into the heart of the gaming industry. 

It offered insights into trends, unfolding plans, and the dynamic nature of the industry itself. As we immersed ourselves in this world, we gained a deeper understanding of the road ahead. The surge of innovations, the prospects of game streaming, and the evolution of platforms painted a vibrant picture of the future, one that was filled with excitement and possibilities. It was an adventure that not only unraveled the tapestry of the gaming universe but also rekindled the boundless joy within us. 

With gratitude in our hearts, we say goodbye to an event that united us all through the power of gaming in a shared experience and left a mark on PUNCHev Group’s journey.