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The Importance of Good Iconography

Iconography is important, yet usually neglected by the creators of a project. At PUNCHev Group we strive to polish every aspect of the game UI, putting extra effort in the elements that guide the user through the game experience – the icons!

This means we care for icon usability, as well as the visuals. This is in fact one of our key priorities. We deliver top-notch game icon sets that bring a clear messages to the user and complete the game UI.

The game icons have a specific silhouette, contrast, and purpose to differ from other elements in the game, but to simultaneously compliment them. Another crucial point we concentrate our work on is their appeal.

The results we achieve are possible thanks to our efficient workflow and the dedication of our talented designers. We are happy to have worked on over 80 projects and are proud to have delivered hundreds of highly detailed, engaging game icons for mobile, AAA games, and gamification apps.

our Work

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Idea Moodboards

Idea boards allow us to collect thoughts, colour schemes and moods in one place and clearly communicate our idea to the client. They help to define a coherent design concept without the risk of losing sight of the bigger picture.


Style Exploration

After receiving a list of short descriptions and names for each icon, we choose 3 and do them in various styles. We create alternatives to the original idea and this range gives options for what could fit the client’s taste without limiting to just one concept! This is a very collaborative process, during which we find the visual language that fits the game and helps it stand out.


Rough Sketches

After the style is chosen, all of the icons are divided into sets based on the client’s description. Each icon is sketched out and has up to 3 versions. During this stage, the team works on establishing rules that will be followed as sort of a style guide for all of the icons moving forward.



Our artists are skilled at both vector and raster designs. During the finalization stage they will polish, vectorize, scale, and export the icons in the preferred format for easy use by the client.

YES, We doIcon Animations

We bring your favorite icons and symbols to life

Animations help the icons to be easily spotted and distinguished from the rest of the UI elements. Animated icons have proven to be more engaging and intuitive for the players while interacting with a game. Therefore we put extra effort to bring our designs to life!

why us

We've helped over 80 games to distinguish against the others, through the power of custom game icon design.

We are here to make your working process more pleasant and contribute with our exceptional quality of work.

Large or small, public or private, our clients span the globe! Check out the list below!

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Our team of talented designers will accompany you throughout the entire process, advancing your business idea to a higher level and increasing the value of the final product.


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