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Age of Sparta

Age of Sparta is developer Gameloft's vision of what a mobile military strategy game should look like. Set in ancient Greece, it offers many challenges through simple yet deep gameplay. Are you ready to take on some Persians?

About Gameloft


Pioneer in video games creation since the 2000s, Gameloft is constantly innovating to create new game experiences! There's inevitably a game made for you!

Our Work


Our team made this UI for one of the most successful Gameloft titles of 2015. We put a great deal of thought and care into every aspect of the game's UI, from the placement of buttons to the font selection, to ensure that the game is easy to navigate and provides a seamless player experience.

In addition to our focus on creating engaging and user-friendly UI, we also put a great deal of effort into the art direction of the game. The result is a game that is both beautiful to look at and engaging to play.