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About the game

Welcome to the gritty medieval world of The Black Death. The plague has left a trail of destruction across Western Europe. Those who endure struggle against sickness, scarce resources, and other desperate survivors.

Start as a beggar and work your way up to a number of realistic professions, each with their own ways to survive. Enter a huge multiplayer open world, set in 14th century western Europe. Trade at fisherman’s ports, loot disease infested cities, hunt wild animals in dense forests, fight in bandit camps, upgrade your properties and much more. Loot, pillage, craft and survive in an epic struggle against The Black Death.

Key Features:

  • Rich profession based role playing combined with medieval era survival.
  • A huge open world (8km2) based in 14th century western Europe. Explore thriving castles, bandit camps, busy ports and abandoned mines
  • Unique medieval professions to unlock, each with a rich skill tree and their own way of surviving.
  • A living world with hundreds of NPC’s and day/night cycle. Trade with merchants, hunt animals, talk to townsfolk and fight bandits.
  • Over 300 in game items. Craft over 40 different weapon and armor pieces, using medieval tools and utilities.
  • Buy and upgrade properties – and protect it from other opportunistic players…
  • Large scale multiplayer, with up to 50 players per server

PC Game Interface

Starting Screen


Game Options


Exit Screen


Game HUD Design


Inventory Screen


Server Screen


Hud and Map Icons


Game Map Interface




About the project

I had the great pleasure to work on this amazing  project,
along as the guys from Daedalus Partners LLP

You can check the game here: TBD

About the process

You can see more, regarding our process here:

Sergey Punchev & Velislav Ivanov


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  • Client Daedalus Partners LLP
  • Date 09/13/2017
  • Tags Screen Design
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