gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-01A gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-01B

gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-02A gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-02B

gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-03A gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-03B

gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-04A gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-04B

gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-icons gamepax-icons-gameinterface-items-mockup

About the project

I had the great pleasure to work with the guys from  Gamepax on this icon set, specially made for the game “Nova Craft”.

Drawing item icons is one of the jobs I enjoy the most!

This icon set was made in collaboration with Velislav Ivanov (Nordik)


You can see more, regarding our process here:



Sergey Punchev & Velislav Ivanov (Nordik)


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  • Client Gamepax
  • Date 07/14/2017
  • Tags Iconography
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